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Why & How to Choose Organic Food

By now, “organic” is quite the catchphrase I hear thrown around. When it comes to food, this is actually a regulated term, not just a catchy way to promote a product. Organic foods must be grown without harmful chemical poisons that are used in conventionally grown crops and they also must not be grown from a seed that has had its DNA modified in a lab. This is a term called genetic modification of an organism (GMOs). (If this sounds freaky, that’s because it is.)

Organic foods are grown and produced through organic farming methods without cancer and disease-related chemicals or GMOs. By choosing organically grown crops, you can maximize the nutritional content of foods you eat. Buying organic means that with your hard-earned dollars, you are choosing to limit your intake of toxins, promote sustainability, preserve environmental resources, promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity. Click here for a good article on 10 reasons to buy organic foods.

Many of my patients ask how/where to get organically grown foods. I’d suggest supporting your local, organic farm. Be sure to check that the farm you choose is certified organic – this is not an easy certification for farms to attain and takes a great deal of effort and commitment to chemical-free growing practices.

An excellent option is joining a Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA). A CSA allows people of the community to have nutritious, locally grown, organic, high quality foods grown by the farm they choose. In the beginning of the year, you pay to support the farm to grow food for you throughout the year (usually May through November) and then are able to pick up your “share” each week. This is an excellent way to eat well, support local business and support organic means of living. Your share provides local, seasonal, fresh, organic foods each week.

For more information on finding a CSA near you click here. For a complete listing of farms in the state of Connecticut, click here.

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