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Your Body's Alarm

Naturopathic Medicine Alarm

This week, a few times more than usual, I’ve heard comments or questions from patients such as:

  • “How come some people can eat anything they want?”

  • “If I ate like the people I see in the cafeteria, I would feel so sick.”

  • “My sister can eat fast-food every day and never gain a pound.”

I usually have the discussion with patients about how and why we are each incredibly unique and dynamic beings. The ways our individual bodies work is a result of what we put into our body, how we live our lives, our genetics, our experiences, our surroundings and our thoughts.

This morning I was thinking about this a little bit more.

Not only are we all ‘different’ but these concerns I listened to from my patients were often coming from a place where the individual was comparing how they feel inside, to how another person looks on the outside.

Just because someone appears to be physically “fit”, this does not mean that they feel well or even have the proper tools in place to prevent disease. Everyday I see patients who, from the outside, have a healthy body weight, seem very well put together with an upbeat attitude.

If judging from the outside, another person would never know they struggle with debilitating migraines, severe anxiety, chronic bacterial vaginosis, frequent diarrhea, daily sinus congestion, erectile dysfunction, or infertility.

The point is here, you really cannot judge a book by its cover. For the majority of people, a lifestyle, diet or mindset lacking the fundamentals for wellness will eventually result in health issues. Just like a seed must be nourished to thrive into an abundant tree, giving fruits and resisting infestation by pests – these are the laws of nature.

Naturopathic Laws of Nature Fruit tree

When symptoms present, it is the body’s wisdom giving a “red-flag” to alert us of an imbalance that needs to be addressed. It is important to tune into and listen to your unique alarm system, whether it be weight gain, fatigue, heartburn, high blood pressure, dizziness, restlessness, pain, high cholesterol, low libido or any other symptom causing you not to feel entirely well.

Some medications provide a quick-fix solution to common ailments. I can confirm that 100% of the time, the symptoms are not occurring due to a deficiency of a pharmaceutical drug. It is important to address the underlying root cause of these red-flags to reach optimal health with some long-term results.

And yes, all of our alarm systems may be different. Understanding our bodies and resisting the urge to compare our own alarm system to others creates the space for restoring health.

If you, or someone you know, are experiencing any “red-flags” or would like to ensure you are on the right track to stay healthy, I recommend seeing a naturopathic doctor. Feel free to forward this blog post to someone you care about, or click to ‘share’ this message to your Facebook friends.

You're welcome to call my office to set up an appointment and get on the natural path to wellness. Click here for office contact info.

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