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Is there something natural I can take for that?

So, is there? Being a naturopathic physician and formerly a pharmacist, this is indeed one of the most frequently asked questions I hear. Almost every time I share what I do for work – at health fairs, at parties, at family gatherings, in the elevator, you name it, I hear it… all the time.

The answer is yes, there is something natural you can take for any health concern you may have. Whether it be low energy, low mood, bloating, weight gain, headaches, troubled sleep, dizziness, joint pain, constipation… the list goes on. Truth be told, there’s something natural you can take for that.

But what I do is not just replace drugs for natural remedies. The most natural thing you can take for your health concerns is actually take the naturopathic approach. Naturopathic medicine looks to restore health and wellness, not just cover up symptoms with a natural alternative. With my patients I look to resolve symptoms by addressing the underlying root cause rather than a quick natural fix.

There’s a time and a place for alleviating acute symptoms. There are plenty of drugs that help us with this. There are even times that individuals may benefit from natural therapies to alleviate symptoms for a short period of time while we’re working on getting their body and mind back into a balanced state of health and vitality. Our culture and society is far too familiar with the conventional “Band-Aid” approach. Meanwhile we can benefit from more education and awareness about the better questions I’d like to answer: “Why are these symptoms here? - What is the body telling us with these warning signs?”

The body is wise and has great healing potential. Signs or symptoms present to clue us in that something is just not right. Shutting off these warning signs is similar to taking all the smoke alarms out of a burning building. The fire will continue to burn, but you won’t hear a sound. Eventually that fire will burn the building down, and most likely affect surrounding communities as well. This happens all too often, when we try to treat symptoms without regards to underlying causes. In the long run, suppressing symptoms often results in other health issues and imbalances occurring – even when using natural therapies.

I could write a catchy article, “7 Alternatives to Common OTC Medications,” but in the bigger picture – that’s not helping people regain their physical and emotional health. It’s simply giving a short term fix. Instead of just trying to silencing the body’s alarm system, let’s take the time to figure out what set off that alarm in the first place. Now that’s something natural you can take for that.

I'm a licensed naturopathic physician with office hours in Rocky Hill, Darien, Milford and Long Island. With an all-natural and holistic approach, I help individuals to establish healthier, more balanced lives with greater physical or emotional wellness. Anyone who struggles with their health are welcome to contact me for a free consultation to get on the path to wellness.

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