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MONQ - Personal Essential Oil Diffuser

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10 DIFFERENT HERBAL BLENDS! Feel the way you want with portable aromatherapy!

Breathe therapeutic air with MONQ - a unique way to have aromatherapy with you anytime. Made with organic plant extracts and essential oils, sustainably harvested around the world. Vaporized in non-GMO, coconut-based, vegetable glycerine.

MONQ is Excellent for:

- Wellness!
- Stress
- Anxiety
- Addiction
- Smoking Cessation
- Insomnia
- Fatigue
- Pain & Inflammation

10 Different Blends - Find your therapy...

Each MONQ blend is a handful of custom-blended essential oils diffused into an organic coconut-based vegetable glycerin base. Each blend indicates three prominent ingredients but includes around a dozen ingredients total. Click the blend to find the comprehensive list of plant ingredients. Please note, and do not use MONQ if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients.

Feel Nature Blends:
  • FOREST - Black spruce, Douglas Fir, Sandlewood (grounding, peace, wisdom, compassion, enlighten)
  • OCEAN - Eucalyptus, Tangerine, Lime (cooling, invigorating, liberating)
  • MOUNTAIN - Juniper Leaf, Peppermint, Scotch Pine (strength, courage, resilience, empowerment)

Feel the Way You Want Blends:
  • ZEN - Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Orange (natural clarity, presence, peace)
  • VIBRANT - Ginger, Lemon, Spearmint (natural inspiration, invigorating, insight, energy)
  • SLEEPY - Lavender, Chamomile, Kava-Kava (natural tranquility, calming, gratitude)
  • ACTIVE - Black Pepper, Orange, Sage (natural energy, purpose, passion, motivation)
  • HAPPY - Fennel, Thyme, Vanilla (natural bliss, joy, grounded, kindness)
  • HEALTHY - Turmeric, Cinnamon, Marjoram (natural wellness, restore, repair, circulate, protect)
  • SEXY - Patchouli, Lime, Jasmine (natural heart-opener, charisma, confidence)

Breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose for optimal aromatherapy benefits through your olfactory nerve (smell)... bringing a signal through your nervous system and to your brain... triggering memories, emotions and wellness.

Each blend last about 250-300 breaths (depending on your breaths).Recommended average dose is 2-3 breaths 2-3 times per day which will allow you to use the MONQ for 1-2 months.

MONQs are not refillable or reusable but they are recyclable. Return 10 and get 1 free!

Not recommended for children under 18 or during pregnancy/nursing.

Can't decide on which blend? Come visit Vis Wellness Center and try them all!

About the Ingredients:

Each MONQ blend is 80% coconut-based vegetable glycerin 20% essential oils.

Custom blends are created with essential oils sourced from reputable United States companies. To account for discrepancies in supply we purchase from several companies, such as Eden Botanicals and Mountain Rose Herbs. Each blend’s page discusses the specifics of its ingredients’ sourcing.

Starting with non-gmo organically grown and/or sustainably harvested wildcrafted plants (from the United States when possible and from elsewhere in the world when required), the plant material is processed in the United States into essential oils and whole plant extracts.

All US-grown ingredients are sourced from Oregon-Tilth Certified Organic processors, and all internationally grown plants are verified organic by region-specific organizations and vetted by Oregon Tilth once in the US. The majority of the oils are produced via steam distillation or CO2 extraction, without the use of alcohol. This is then blended into certified organic coconut-based vegetable glycerin.

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